Purposefully designed residential environments


    Design + Skill + Experience +

    Art + Color + Math + Science +

    Physics =

    Purposefully Designed

    Residential Properties

    MAK Design Build Properties is dedicated to creating and

    developing Purposefully Designed Residential Environments.

    Founded by Michael Alan Krier, his Distinctive Design Theme

    comes from the development of a Specific Design Equation

    combining design, skill and experience with the principles of art,

    color, math, science and physics to arrive at Residential

    Environments that Best Serve the Purpose of Those who

    Reside and Visit them. Michael’s experience includes having

    originated and Designed over 60 Properties for Commercial

    and Residential Spaces encompassing All Elements of

    Interior and Exterior Space Layout and Design / furniture

    design and placement / generation of drawings and photo realistic

    renderings / building project management and implementation / budget

    and finance management.

MAK / Michael Alan Krier

Contact Info /

Email: michaelkrier@makdbp.com / Phone: 612.803.5889